Working Warriors is an innovative, user friendly system designed to connect a growing Indigenous workforce to employment opportunities with industry partners.

Living in remote regions where employment opportunities may be limited or in urban areas where there is little communication with employers, Indigenous individuals and communities can use the Working Warriors website and the services of our partners to gain access to economic development and employment opportunities on national level.

With an ever expanding and complex global economy, we recognize that the concern for effective indigenous engagement is felt well beyond our national borders. We have designed our Working Warriors platform to be easily translated and utilized as a bridge between industry and an indigenous workforce in communities across the world.


How We Can Help

Whether you are a job seeker, government entity, community or business Working Warriors can assist on multiple levels.

  • Job Seekers

    Our website has a step-by-step resume builder that is free of charge. Just enter your information and a resume will be generated or upload your resume direct to the database. We also have a dedicated team that markets you and your community to our growing network of industry partners.

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  • Engagement

    Working Warriors has built relationships with firms like Running Deer Resources to create a standardized means for communities, individuals and companies to engage with one another resulting in the maximization of employment and economic opportunities. Working Warriors can also be customized for project specific operations allowing companies and communities to build their own Engagement Strategy.

    Running Deer Resources
  • Community

    CRIS is a user friendly system that provides communities with the tools to house their members’ skills sets, education and capabilities. The system also inventories community owned businesses and assets related to economic development.

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  • Industry

    Working Warriors is dedicated to promoting economic development opportunities within Indigenous communities. The purpose of our business directory is to provide an outlet for industry to connect with businesses and utilize local assets.

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